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Get my Latest Comic Book: Six Legs, No Heart!

Six Legs, No Heart is a chilling tale of nature gone wrong. A newlywed couple buys their first house and contends with unusual neighbors. But when the neighbors suddenly vanish, the couple realizes something is amiss. What horrors lurk next door? First, they come for your home. Then, they come for you!

Six Legs, No Heart is now available digitally at Comixology, for just $2.99! You can also get a physical copy at the following locations:

Six Legs, No Heart has received coverage in the Southeast Missourian and on the Podzilla 1985 network of podcasts.


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Mike and the Ninja

Mike and the Ninja is an action-comedy webcomic about Mike, whose life changes forever when he meets a drifting ninja named Stu. They have adventures together! Also available as a collection of three graphic novels.

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Six Legs, No Heart

Six Legs, No Heart is a skin-crawling comic book about newlyweds who buy their first home, only to find their neighbors are loud, filthy, and possibly not even human! What horrors lurk next door?

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That No Good Blog!

This is my no good blog, where I write about my work and life habits and talk myself through the creative process. I also occasionally write about video games, sports, wrestling, and other odds and ends.

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Staff and Shadow

An indie roleplaying video game coming to PC...well, sometime! An eerie adventure with no level-grinding and only meaningful battles. I'm doing the artwork; Amanda is doing the music!

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Night of the Dragon

A trilogy of modern-day dragon novels following Eric Draman on an adventure many centuries in the making! Night of the Dragon was written by D.L. Moore, but Big Skink Tales manages the publication and inventory of the books!

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I've worked with lots of talented people and great organizations over the years. If I ever have to form an unlikely team of crimefighters, these folks will be near the top of my list.

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