Night of the Dragon Trilogy

Night of the Dragon Trilogy

  • D.L. Moore

Eric Draman is an ordinary guy, living an ordinary life. Or he was, until he has a misadventure while exploring a cave and accidentally binds his spirit to that of an ancient dragon. Now Eric is deep in an adventure many centuries in the making. He, and others who join his cause must unravel the secrets of The Balance of Knowledge, make a difference, and even save the universe.


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Night of the Dragon

  • Release Year: 2005
  • Pages: 256
  • Author: D.L. Moore

Lost in the depths of an Ozarks cave...

Surviving certain death...

An unlikely beginning sends Eric on a fantastic journey from a nobody to a champion when he finds a long lost ring. The ring triggers a phenomenon that links him to the powers of an ancient dragon society. But can he control the fury within? The ability to aid and protect, or to seek revenge on those he dreams unworthy to live, is now his.

Follow Dragell’s flight to the Land of Sunrest. Join Eric as he discovers “The Valley” and the people who exist there. Witness the plight of Speaks Like Feather’s people and Erigelle’s encounter with Jackie Sonders.

But is it real, or is it just an incredible dream? The answers lie ahead in Night of the Dragon!

Night of the Dragon II: Broken Dreams

  • Release Year: 2008
  • Pages: 196
  • Author: D.L. Moore

"Eric, help us!" Her cry shattered the silence of the public library. Eric leapt to his feet, looking around for the source of the plea. He was certain it was Speaks like Feather's voice he heard, but she was in the Valley of the Lake of Laughing Eyes.

What troubled her so much that she could reach across the Brightness?

With desperate haste Eric and the spirit-Dragon, Erigelle, search for a solution to the impending disaster of the Valley in Night of the Dragon II, Broken Dreams!

Night of the Dragon II, Broken Dreams, the second installment of the NOTD Trilogy, picks up Eric's story following his self-imposed exile from the Valley where dwelt the love of his life, Speaks Like Feather. Now he seeks answers in the Balance of Knowledge—ancient Dragonlore—to discover the cause of the peril faced by the Valley's inhabitants.

Night of the Dragon III: Full Circle

  • Release Year: 2012
  • Pages: 140
  • Author: D.L. Moore

The Valley of the Lake of Laughing Eyes was destroyed. The spirit dragons and their man-partners were terribly saddened by this loss, but they now focus their energies on locating the remaining rings, continuing to fight terrorism, and protecting the innocent. The loss of the Valley was tragic, but the maelstrom that destroyed it can’t affect the Real World.

Or so they thought.

When Eric slipped the ruby ring onto his finger while lost in a forgotten cave, he upset a very delicate balance. The loss of the Valley was just the first step. Now Earth, our universe, possibly ALL of existence is threatened by this disturbance.

Join Eric and his team as they race to find the total Balance of Knowledge, which they desperately hope will lead them to the solution before it is too late.