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My Gumroad store offers digital, DRM-free copies of Six Legs, No Heart for just $3! Or, if you want some video game drawings and some short, personal histories to go with them, you can get my 2014 Inktober collection (one of my only mostly-successful Inktobers) for FREE or any price you choose, also digital and DRM-free!

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About Big Skink Tales

Hard at work in the Big Skink Tales studio

Hi, I'm Brian. I'm a writer, cartoonist, and graphic/web designer. I have been drawing comics and writing stories since I was nine years old, and I don't plan to stop any time soon, to the detriment of my wrist and social life. I write and draw sci-fi, comedy, superheroes, sports, and slice-of-life, and I also blog about video games. I don't say a lot, but I am always learning and listening.

I'm mostly a one-man operation, but I get a lil' help from time to time from my fabulous wife, Amanda, who is a sentient, anthropomorphic ball of energy. I live in Missouri with Amanda, our daughter, and two cats. They're all pretty cool, and they keep me going.

To keep up with my work on a more regular basis, like Big Skink Tales on Facebook or follow me on Instagram, or check out my Amazon Author's page.

Thanks for your support! I hope we have some great adventures together!

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Have questions or comments? What to know more about creating? Or maybe about the posh life of an independent writer and artist? (The family of mangy possums we share our dilapidated house with might be able to field this one.) Ask away! I'll be happy to respond. However, Big Skink Tales is desperately out of cash, so no solicitors.